Inhabiting the deep technological spheres of everyday life

Deadline for Exhibition Proposals: September 15, 2011

“Techno-Ecologies will develop a discussion between artists, theorists,
designers, environmental scientists, technologists, responsible
entrepreneurs and activists to develop this perspective. Diversity,
social and ecological sustainability, and a much deeper understanding of
technology as an extension of our desires are the building blocks that
we want to bring together to build a perspective that can help us chart
less hazardous routes into the future than the ones currently travelled.

Everyday life has become so intimately interwoven with complex
technological ecologies that we can no longer consider technology as the
alienating other. A careful consideration of the relationships between
the natural and the artificial is required. The idea that we ‘inhabit’
technological ecologies emphasises our connectedness to our environment
(material, natural, technological) and our dependence on the resources
available there (material, energetic, biological, cultural). Mastering
these conditions is vital to our survival on this planet…”


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