One strand of Visualise is a set of new commissions for artists to work with innovative technology companies in Cambridge. The commissions aim to create a framework for successful collaborative innovation, focusing on the use of new technologies to ignite ingenuity, innovation, critical thinking, generate new content, models, applications, services etc.

Deadline: September 23, 2011

Call for Artists’ Expressions of Interest: Anglia Ruskin University is bringing new collaborative and public art to Cambridge throughout 2011 and 2012. The ‘Visualise’ public art programme is commissioning a range of projects to create exploratory projects, exhibitions, workshops and events across Cambridge. Visualise explores questions such as ‘how does our interaction with each other affect how we use public space?’ and ‘how can we redefine ideas of community and campus in a digital age?’ These questions emerge from the following Visualise themes:

  • Legible Campus, Legible City – creating a sense of place that has coherence and impact
  • Social Networking – virtual and real space, bringing people together and redefining ideas of community and campus in a digital age
  • Soft City – people defining place. The physical city environment influenced by human relations and social activity. The legacy of the ‘soft’ on the ‘hard’.


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