Tahitian Hydrothermal Vents – Out of this World Landscape – February 17, 2016 – March 2, 2016.

DEADLINE: Jan. 10, 2016

Artist-at-Sea Program Applicants

Schmidt Ocean Institute is looking for artists of broad disciplines to work together with scientists and crew to take inspiration from the research occurring aboard Falkor. We are seeking artists who will use the time on the ship to cultivate their creativity and respond to the research that they are immersed in, using art to communicate science to a broad audience.

Priority will go to artists who incorporate elements of technology or cutting edge methods into their techniques or medium. Artists interested in the Artist-at-Sea program should be able to make deep and meaningful connections to the science on board, bridging the research conducted at sea with the general public. Our goal is to make people rethink the way marine science is shared and break down the complexities of ocean research. Artists will be asked to work side-by-side with the scientists and Falkor crew to develop art through close and productive collaborations. Artists immersing themselves in day-to-day ship life will be asked to tie these experiences together through conceptualization, data collection, and application.

Tahitian Hydrothermal Vents – Out of this World Landscape – February 17, 2016 – March 2, 2016

In February, a team of scientists will sail out of Tahiti to study the underexplored submarine vents off the Society Islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Using multibeam echosounders for mapping the bottom of the ocean, taking water samples from deep below the surface, and operating an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) near hydrothermal vents, scientists will be able to create detailed maps of uncharted seafloor and gas-rich plumes, as well as investigate novel forms of chemically-fueled seafloor habitat and chemosynthetic ecosystems. The artist will learn about these poorly-understood deep-sea ecosystems, the process of exploration, and illustrate these “other-worldly” systems.


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