Finding the beauty by looking inside an unfold nature is the main path we propose in this call.

DEADLINE: April 30, 2016

Source: Spektrum

The embodiment of artistic intents in the plastic and figurative forms of representation has been a dramatic moment in the human history defined by revolutionary processes to master matter in terms of colors, shapes, materials and techniques. A New Renaissance brought to practitioners, in this contemporary age, by the enormous availabilities of scientific and technological knowledge together with a change of perspective, in which cross-disciplinary discourses are established between specialized fields. Tools considered only of particular use to scientists and those labs locked in the academic world, found ways to spread out. The enlargement of processes of participation by a hacker-society request a new form of Art and Science. Deep questions related to the fundamental mechanisms of the Universe we live in, and absolute abstract models far from our imagination, now are territories of visualizations, sonifications, experimentations.

Finding the beauty by looking inside an unfold nature is the main path we propose in this call. The four classical states of matter – solid, liquid, gas and plasma – are the subjects of artistic works redefining the relation between phenomenon and observer. Within a renewed art and science practice, the traditional idea of scientific experiments addresses, besides verifying principles and theories, personal interpretations on a compositional, dramaturgical and emotional level, designed into the audience´s experience by authors. A journey into elements, revealing light, vibrations and forces, makes us understand the dilemma of existence between micro and macro, and our apparent distance fails by experiencing these works, rebounding the intimate relation to an inner cosmos impressed in everyone’s imaginary…

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