Creativity Connects is an initiative that will show how the arts are central to the country’s creativity ecosystem, investigate how support systems for the arts have changed, explore how the arts connect with other industries, and invest in innovative projects to spark new ideas for the arts field.

DEADLINE: March 03, 2016

A key component to the Creativity Connects initiative is a pilot grant opportunity in the Art Works category to support partnerships between arts organizations and organizations from non-arts sectors that include, but are not limited to, business, education, environment, faith, finance, food, law, health, science, and technology.

Art Works: Creativity Connects grants will seek to benefit the arts and non-arts sectors by:

  • ​Demonstrating the value of working with the arts.
  • ​​Supporting the infrastructure for the arts to work in new ways with new sectors.
  • ​Building bridges that create new relationships and constituencies.​
  • ​Creating innovative partnership projects to advance common goals.
  • ​General range of support is between $20,000 and $100,000 with a required 1:1 match.

*Creativity Connects grants require a partnership between an arts organization and an organization from a non-arts sector.

*The official applicant must be an arts organization. This may include nonprofit arts organizations, local arts agencies, arts service organizations, and institutions of higher education or their components having arts as a core focus, either as the primary work or as part of a transdicisplinary mission.

Details and application [web]

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