Call for Artists – Climate Change in Residence: Future Scenarios

This project, sets out to test the idea of ‘networked residencies’. Climate research has long relied on networked collaborations rather than individual, geographically-located centres.

DEADLINE: Feb. 15, 2016

Seeking three artists to take part in a new form of arts residency, offering access to a network of climate change researchers across the UK. Each residency includes an award of £10,000.

Applications are welcome from individuals and collectives from any artform to work on new creative projects engaging with scenarios of climate change.

This project, sets out to test the idea of ‘networked residencies’. Climate research has long relied on networked collaborations rather than individual, geographically-located centres.

Through these residencies, you will be able to research the issue of climate and spend time exploring and developing your own artistic practice. In this way we hope you will introduce a new cultural depth to public conversations around future scenarios.

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Open Call for Artists: Arts@CERN

Particle physics and the arts are inextricably linked: both are ways to explore our existence – what it is to be human and our place in the universe. The two fields are natural creative partners for innovation, research and development in the 21st century.

DEADLINE: Jan. 25, 2016 (extended)

The theme of this fourth edition of Collide@CERN Geneva is literature and digital writing. CERN invites writers and creators working in this experimental realm, and using digital formats as new forms of expression in writing to apply for a 3-month residency at CERN. Proposals should comment further into digital writing than the digitization of the analog, and use inventive ways linked to digital technologies and the networked society as well as ways information is generated and distributed online or offline. The writing proposals can be either in English or French.

The beneficiary will work at CERN for three months, during which time he/she will be supported with the guide and partnership of a CERN scientific partner. During this period the Arts@CERN team will curate and coordinate visits to experiments, encounters and conversations with scientists, engineers and staff at CERN.

A jury of experts will review the submissions and select the winner. The laureate artist will spend a residency of three months at CERN and will receive a grant of CHF 15’000 (fifteen thousand Swiss Francs) and a total amount of up to CHF 15,000 (fifteen thousand Swiss Francs), administered by CERN, for the development of a project.

About Arts@CERN [web]

Call for Applications: THE UNDIVIDED MIND | Art + Science Residency

Khoj invites proposals for 2016 edition of The Undivided Mind, a six – week international residency program for artists and creative practitioners whose work explores the intersections of art and science.

DEADLINE: Jan. 31, 2016
Location: India

The theme of the 2016 edition of The Undivided Mind is ‘Health’. Within this broader framework, three curatorial frameworks or modes for exploration are suggested. Terrestrial Health refers to that which is on, or related to the earth. This sub – theme suggests an investigation into the physical health and structure of the body (both human and animal), the environment, the community and the interrelations between these spheres. Mental Health refers to that which is of or relating to the mind. This sub – theme focuses on a psychological investigation of what constitutes Health of the mind and raises questions about the ‘socially’ defined state of well-being; where issues’ surrounding the legal rights and entitlement of personhood, for those living with a mental disorder is open for debate. Finally, Extraterrestrial Health may refer to any object, being or idea beyond the planet Earth. This sub – theme opens up a space where the relationship between Earth and other planetary bodies can be studied. What does it mean for human existence when sending human life forms to Mars is projected to take place by 2020? What are the long term effects and solution to space debris if life projects out beyond Earth? This sub – theme also invites applicants to consider the abstract and metaphorical imaginings of health in contemporary and future societies.