CFP: “Future of Water” Science Gallery Exhibition

Calling all armchair hydrologists, liquid artists, part-time diviners, fluid technologists and steamy scientists!

Submission Deadline: July 15, 2011

“The exhibition will include existing and proposed innovations and inventions around water, artworks on the theme of water, and artifacts that reveal the different ways in which water is used and perceived of. The exhibition will extend beyond the gallery through workshops, events and off-site projects. Alongside artwork, designed objects and documentary artifacts, FUTURE OF WATER will include special live performances, innovative installations, unique physical and mental experiences, high-profile talks, discussions and debates, web-focused interactions, games and collaborative experience.

Science Gallery welcomes proposals for both existing and new work from artists, designers, engineers, scientists and everyone in between, in any and all media.”

“Future of Water” Application [web]
Science Gallery [web]

ArtScience Events/Exhibits Roundup

Scientist-artist Joe Davis’ mind-bending works at Jacob Lawrence Gallery on Univeristy of Washington campus

[Joe Davis] is a researcher at both Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with interests in subjects like architecture, genetics, microbiology and lasers. Davis has been published in academic journals such as “Nature” and “Chemistry” and lectured on architecture at MIT for 10 years. This strong background in science has had a profound impact on Davis’ artistic career.”

Full article: [web]
Jacob Lawrence Gallery: [web]
About Joe Davis: [web]

Capturing the Cosmos: From Pixels to Paint
Artists and scientists join forces to explore cosmos

“The event will serve as an artist opening reception for Jodie Forrest’s exhibit, “The Eye of the Beholder: Art & Science Look at Deep Space,” which features realistic paintings conceived from actual Hubble photographs.”

Full article: [web]
Featured Artist: Jodie Forrest [Twitter]
Sci-Port Science Center [web]

Event: Art & Science Talk – Art Under the Microscope

David Gallego-Ortega PhD, is a Research Officer in the Mammary Development Group, Cancer program at the Garvan Institute in Darlinghurst. David will talk about his research into Breast Cancer Cells showing photographs of tissue culture under the microscope. Sherryl Ryan, artist and Director of Culture at Work is currently undertaking a residency with the National Breast Cancer Foundation and part of her project has been to work with scientists from the Garvan whose work is funded by the NBCF in order to create artworks. After the presentation there will be an exhibition of photographs of David’s research images and images collaborated at the Garvan with Sherryl Ryan. Talk with the scientist and artist over drinks during the exhibition.”

More information [web]
Venue: CULTUREatWORK – artist & scientist residencies [web]

Dartmouth Medical Center Exhibition: Genome-inspired paintings

While many people regard science as purely objective and art as purely subjective, Daniel Kohn’s paintings — including “Data Sets,” a series currently installed in the public spaces at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center — blur the lines between these seemingly disparate disciplines.

Full article [web]
About Daniel Kohn [web]

February art exhibit at the Winchester Library: ‘A Different Light’

For this exhibit the artist has selected images employing techniques such as infrared, high dynamic range (HDR), and tone-mapped photography to expose the beauty and mystery of every day scenes and objects brought out by the edges, the drama, and the varieties of light. In his artist’s statement, Hesse says, “Professionally I have been a scientist and teacher, but I’ve always had a passion for photography and have been making photographs for more than 40 years. I am rarely without a camera and my first love is capturing the mystery and beauty of the ordinary, the invisible, the overlooked. Although the camera is unexcelled at capturing a moment, rendering reality, or producing a document, for me the camera is a kind of Kokopelli, isolating, merging, distorting and thus transforming the ordinary into unexpected visions. I hope that I shall always be startled by the ability of this trickster to confuse the eye and puzzle the mind.

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About the artist: [web]

Nikon Small World Competition – Call for Submissions

Deadline: April 30, 2011

The Competition is celebrating over 30 years of excellence in photography and digital imaging though the microscope, and is dedicated to furthering excellence and creativity in microscopy. Combining skills in microscopy and photography, a photomicrographer is able to capture an image of the world that the naked eye cannot see.

2010 contest drew entrants from a record 62 countries, as well as from a diverse range of academic and professional disciplines. Winners came from such fields as chemistry, biology, materials research, botany, and biotechnology.

2011 Competition Submission Form [web]
Previous winners/galleries [web]