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  • Provide an informative funding and residency resource dedicated to artist-scientist collaborations
  • Open doors to new collaborations between the scientific and artistic communities
  • Support a platform for online networking and dialog at the intersection of art and science

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  • art and exhibitions inspired by science
  • artist-scientist collaborations
  • fine art interpretations of science
  • ATM imaging of nanotechnology
  • audio/video presentations of distant nebulas
  • unique sound vibrations of the cell membrane
  • multimedia representations of biosystems
  • mathematical visualizations synced to music
  • cell assay images
  • and, more…


  • Talks, Symposiums, and Academic Institutes exploring the synergy between art and science
  • Art Gallery Call for Submissions
  • New technologies used to render, present and distribute artistic works
  • Events, news, and invitations to Exhibits featuring science as art