“Michael W. Davidson, an award-winning research associate at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and one of the world’s foremost experts in the field of optical microscopy, has joined with Florida State in signing a non-exclusive license agreement that will allow a Tallahassee-based business to market Davidson’s colorful, laboratory-produced artworks as home or office décor.

The new business, BevShots MicroArt LLC , has just begun selling high-quality prints of images that Davidson created by photographing crystallized samples of various types of beers, wines and cocktails under a microscope. The resulting molecular images, all quite distinct from one another, typically feature vivid mixes of colors and patterns that wouldn’t look out of place in an abstract art gallery.”

The BevShots website, http://www.bevshots.com/popular.html

Complete press release of above quoted text,  http://bit.ly/iCGhR

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